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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! 

Wild Game Processing

Enjoy the most meat from your wild game by bringing your bounty to Swank's Meats. We will process your game in our food-safe, state-inspected facility and give you all your trim back ready to eat. We accept all properly dressed game, including deer, bear, and more!

Beef Processing

Taste the difference with the locally raised meats at Swank's Meats. We stock the finest beef products for you to choose from. You'll never go back to the grocery store again for your beef needs.

Pork Processing

Why go to the grocery store for their over-processed pork when you can enjoy the freshest and healthiest pork products from Swank's Meats. We have something for everyone's taste, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Lamb/Goat Processing

Don't depend on the grocery store for their over-processed lamb! Enjoy the best cuts of locally raised lamb on the market by visiting Swank's Meats today!

Livestock Slaughter & Processing

Looking to get the most meat out of your livestock slaughter? Save yourself time, hassle, and possible health risks by visiting Swank's Meats for your livestock processing needs.

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