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Get Your Meat Professionally Processed With Swank's!

Wild Game Processing

Calling all hunters! Enjoy the most meat from your wild game by bringing your bounty to Swank's Meats. We will process your game in our food-safe, state-inspected facility and give you all your trim back ready to eat. We accept all properly dressed and skun game, including deer, bear, and more! We can even process your game into sausage!


We know the importance of making sure you get all the meat you brought in, so we keep your game separate from all others to ensure no one else benefits from your prize kill.


We require a $50 deposit for whole carcass processing and $25 for trim only. Extra charges are applied if the game supplied is not properly field dressed or if your meat is not picked up from our processing facility in a timely matter due to our limited freezer space.

Once you are notified of your meat's completion, you have five days to pick it up before storage charges will be applied. See more info below.

Proper Care Tips for Your Game Before Bringing It to Us

DEER MUST BE SKUN! No hide, no head, legs cut off up to the elbow, and back straps/tendons in tact.

  • Do not age the game

  • Keep the meat clean

  • To ensure quality of your trim when freezing meat, use 1 gallon freezer bags - which allows deer to freeze faster and makes handling much easier

  • Use tape on bags, not metal twisters

  • Boneless trimmings must be clean and lean with no hair, blood clots, fat, or bones

  • We accept trimming all year round

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Download a PDF of our brochure by clicking the PDF logo below.

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