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Sausages & Dried Meats

Looking for delicious sausage, bratwursts, snack sticks, and more? For over 45 years, customers have trusted Swank's Meats for all its quality meat products and services in the St. Croix River community. We are proud to give you healthier, more nutritious, and more natural choices. No one beats our variety of quality sausage products! See our pricing and options below.

Sausages & Dried Meats

Summer Sausage, Big Bologna, & Salami *30% gain 

Garlic, Original, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, & Jalapeño.

Brat-sized Links (raw) *50% gain

Fresh Brats, Polish, German, Fresh Italian, Breakfast, & Swedish Potato

Smoked Links and Rings

Raw Bulk Game Sausage

Swedish, German, Breakfast, Italian, Polish, & Bratwurst

Breakfast size 1 oz. Links or Patties

Snack Sticks *30% gain

Original, Teriyaki (35% shrinkage), Hot, Jalapeño, Pepper Jack, Honey BBQ, & Cheddar

Venison Bacon (*35% Shrink)

Venison Hotdogs *50% gain

Dried Venison (35% Shrink)

Jerky (60% Shrink)

Original, Teriyaki, Pepper, and Hot.

$2.99 per lb.

$2.99 per lb.

Add. $1.00 per lb.

$2.29 per lb.

Add. $1.00 per lb.

$3.99 per lb.

$2.99 per lb.

$4.49 per lb.

$2.99 per lb.

$3.99 per lb.


*Pork is often added to ground game meat to add moisture and flavor. The price of pork is factored into the listed costs. Additional add-ins are available for an extra price.





Beef Suet




$3.89 per lb.

$2.99 per lb.

$1.99 per lb.

$1.89 per lb.

$1.49 per lb.

$5.99 per lb.

$4.99 per lb.

$4.99 per lb.

*Prices are subject to change.